Saturday, June 2nd, our founder, Leonitha Francis, was a featured facilitator for Generation HOPE's Annual Hope Conference in Washington, DC.

During this presentation, Leah used her own story of survival from homelessness and sexual abuse to empower scholars to utilize their inner strengths and abilities to be their own hero. Generation HOPE is reducing poverty one family at a time by providing mentoring, resources and services to help D.C. area teen parents become college graduates and to help their little ones enter kindergarten at higher levels of school readiness. The Hope Conference provides Generation Hope Scholars with the best tools and information for personal, academic, and professional success.

We've discovered the 7 key characteristics one needs to be ones own hero at any stage of life we find ourselves whether it be poverty, abuse, teenage parenthood, etc.

Screenshot from Scholar, Naomi's Instagram post after our session.

As a facilitator, I had such an enjoyable time sharing with the scholars of Generation HOPE as I was sitting in the presence of why I choose to advocate so passionately for mentorship in urban communities. I transparently shared with the scholars, how I admired their courage as teenage parents knowing that teenage parenthood was could've also been my plight had I not made a pro-choice decision. My decision was partially a result of not wanting to disappoint my mother and my accountability to the path I had outlined for myself through the guidance of my mentors.

Regardless of their varying situations, the scholars of Generation HOPE were bright visionaries and dreamers. Our hope is that they keep the dream alive and make the vision a reality utilizing the 7 characteristics we discussed -- so even when they feel alone, they know they have a hero inside of themselves!

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