Mentors are often the guardians of exposure. Urban Mentor promotes mentorship as a conduit of exposure to youth who would otherwise been unaware. 


Having had a mentor is correlated with engaging in more positive activities for at-risk youth. At-risk young adults who had a mentor are more likely to have aspired to go to college and to be in college now.


Many young adults are interested in becoming mentors themselves, especially those with first-hand experience of having been mentored.

  • Approximately 16 million youth, including nine million at-risk youth, never had a mentor of any kind.

  • An estimated 4.5 million at-risk youth are in a structured mentoring relationship.

These estimates were calculated based on our nationally-representative survey of 18-21-year-olds’ perspectives on their experiences with mentoring relationships while they were ages 8 to 18 and a research-based risk screen, which was then applied to 2012 U.S. Census data (the most recent available).



Urban Mentor educates our mentors and partners on innovative and creative practices to in turn effectively impact the youth we reach directly and indirectly through our partnering organizations.

We use exposure to new and different opportunities to educate our mentees on true-to-life experiences. We believe that educating our youth beyond the classroom will not only prepare and expose them to the reality of post-graduate life, but nurture the investment we are making in them to become productive contributors to society.





Through exposure and education, Urban Mentor empowers mentors and youth to be the difference. By being the difference our mentors are able to optimally serve our youth; while our youth are encouraged to tap into their latent abilities. Together, both groups develop a homogeneous relationship.

Our network of mentors are empowered to go beyond the status quo of traditional mentorship to uniquely meet the youth we serve on a more intimate level beyond service to our communities -- rather becoming integral pillars in their village.

Our youth are also empowered to be leaders comfortable in their unique abilities and perceived "differences". Urban Mentor cultivates their strengths and improves upon their challenging areas to empower a new generation of leaders.

Urban Mentor has committed to empowering our youth and mentors through our "Be The Difference" campaign unveiled in May 2016.


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