It's easier to criticize what's different, rather than
BE what's different.

We admire the courageous souls who triumph when mediocre wasn’t enough while wondering what is the “thing” that sets them apart from the rest of us.

The DIFFERENCE, is what we define as ‘whatever it takes to impact positive change .


Difference Creed

I was created to be different

I am chosen to represent

I am unapologetic about my greatness

and all the strength and skill I possess

I am leader among my peers

and a friend to my elders

I represent the village that supports me

and I stand confidently in that security

I boldly stand as who I am

Not persuaded by the opinion of the common man

Because I am the anomaly,

I am me,

I am the difference. 

(c) 2016 by Leonitha Francis for the Be The Difference Campaign

Be the Difference has a dual meaning to serve and drive everyone involved – it encourages mentors to be the difference in the lives of mentees in ways that might not have been available to them or conventionally practiced.


For teens and young adults, Be the Difference encourages them to embrace what makes them different from their peers and societal influences – allowing them to be comfortable living as the anomaly.


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